ToRReZ Market

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ToRReZ Market Team are a group of the “free internet” enthusiast, which decided to make a difference. ToRReZ is the first “Community Driven Market.” What does that mean?

ToRReZ are open to users for any suggestions, improvements, the feedback they might have while using ToRReZ. They are the first market with transparent RoadMap, where you can see what enhancements planned on the site. What is more, They have planned to implement a voting system, so it will be their community who decides in which direction ToRReZ development goes.

Unlike many other markets, ToRReZ decided to provide a truly safe environment for vendors and buyers. Their primary focus is to eliminate any possibility of causing any harm to users or vendors in case the market will get closed. That is why they encourage all users to use Multisignature payments if possible.

Because They claim that they are Community Driven Market, they decide to put a lot of resources and energy into a properly working support system and the market overall. They are doing our best to serve every user in a timely fashion. They believe that none of the market users should be left with no response to their questions, concerns. Their main goal is to answer every query for up to 24 hours.

Nowadays, markets are mostly based on the same software, making it more recognizable and more vulnerable. ToRReZ took a different approach and designed the whole market from scratch by themselfs. What is more, they put a primary focus on the market’s usability – something that is forgotten recently.

For a complete guide on ToRReZ Market please visit our guide here.

Some stats on ToRReZ Market

Name:ToRReZ Market
Founded:April 2020
Total Users:121,762
Total Vendors:965
Total Products:18,615
Payment:Bitcoin (BTC) , Monero (XMR), Zcash, Litecoin
Vendor Bond:500$

Creating account on ToRReZ Market

Registering a new account account on ToRReZ Market is easy and simple. All you need to register account on ToRReZ Market is a username, a passowrd and a pin (pin need to be between 4 and 8 length). It is important to write down you pin and remember it since it is the only way to withdraw your balance from the site!

Once an account created you will recieve a mnemonic which is a 12 word phrase which is the only way to reset your account password if you forget it, Even the site administrator cannot recover it so make sure you write it down and store it somewhere safe!

Depositing coins to ToRReZ Market

ToRReZ Market interface is clean and simple, once you are logged in you can browse or search for product you want to buy.

ToRReZ Market have an on site wallet as well as pay as you buy system. In order to deposit to ToRReZ simply press on your balance on the top right cornor of the screen and you will be taken to the wallet page, there you can generate a new address and deposit any amount you want.

Easier way to deposit money is simply pay when you order!

Ordering on ToRReZ Market

When you found a product you want to buy, simply press and go in the product description.

Here you can read all the info about the product, including cost, shipping country, reviews, refund policy and much more. Once you decided you want to buy it, press the BUY button!

On the next screen you need to write the address where you want the vendor to ship the product to as well choose if you want to get a discount for FE (Finalize Early).

After pressing NEXT you will be taken to the payment page (if you dont have funds in your account), you will need to choose the coin you with to pay in.

Finally the last page is the payment page where you will get the address and the amount you need to send in order for your order to confirm. once the paymeny is sent (or taken from your balance) your order is confirmed and sent to the vendor.


ToRReZ Market is a good looking new market that has great potential, it support 4 kinds of cryptocoins and is easy to use for both vendors and buyers. ToRReZ Market is on the way to become the biggest DarkNet Market around!