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The store create acid tabs and small-dosage tabs in the 1960s manner. Other popular market tabs employ toxic inkjet ink and toner, which might be harmful to users. These pills contain ethylene glycol, which can be harmful to those who take them. The store one-of-a-kind handcrafted tab designs are shown on archival blotter paper dyed with vegetable colors.

Hand-painted blotter sheets produced with watercolor paints and either the drug LSD (or a non-toxic alternative for LSD) may also be purchased. If you inquire, dark web store can offer you a price.

The site intends to incorporate discount coupons, order tracking, stock levels, amounts, and the ability to monitor a shipment in the near future.

Specialty of the store

The dark web store make vintage-style acid tabs and microdose tabs in small batches of great quality. It has been found in inkjet ink and toner. Ethylene glycol, which is found in these tablets, has been linked to a number of health problems in people who use these other tablets, too. They use vegetable dyes to color their archival blotter paper so that they can show off their one-of-a-kind handcrafted tab patterns.

If you want to make your own blotter art, you can buy sheets that have been painted with watercolors and LSD (or a non-toxic equivalent). Our gallery also has bigger versions of the examples shown here, so feel free to stop by and see them. (up to 900 tabs on a single page). There is a way to get pricing information.

In countries that aren’t the United States, customers need to buy at least $50 worth of goods before they can be sent to them. They don’t charge for standard delivery because it comes with the price of the item.

Estimated delivery times are the same for both local and international deliveries.

new shit. About
new shit. About

If you order something locally, it should arrive in 3-5 working days. If you order something from outside the country, it should arrive in 1-3 weeks.

In order to be able to track domestic orders, Priority Mail must be added to your shopping cart when you buy something from the store. Because Priority Mail does not affect the provider delivery times, please keep that in mind when you place an order.

Even though, if you send the provider a message on Telegram, you can pay with Monero instead of cash.

People who have ordered from store at least three times before will not be reshipped. When people buy a lot of things, they might get a partial refund or a discount coupon instead of having to send a new order (more than 20 tabs). The only time they give refunds is when the customer is to blame for something that went wrong (for example, if they accepted your purchase but were unable to fulfill it within an acceptable time frame).

New Shit. Contact
New Shit. Contact

To help your body adapt, it’s best to take them once a week.

If you’re taking a lot of LSD or are new to the drug, you should have a sober friend with you. Worrying about or needing help digesting your trips may happen at some point in time. Most people who use LSD don’t have to worry about it, but it can be a little confusing for people who do.

A sufficient amount of 30 doses of the medicine If you want to buy Shit MICRODOSE tabs, you’ll have to pay $24.99. On a single sheet, you’ll get a 30-dose supply of 10ug LSD tablets for microdosing. Each section of the sheet is broken up into three parts. Whenever you buy this product for the first time, you’ll get a discount on the next one.


A Priority Mail charge of $8.00 is added to each package.

In order to get Priority Shipping, an order must be more than $200 in value. To use tracking, make sure you put it in your order. If you don’t, it won’t be used at all.


Here are some of the products and their prices:

TWO STRIPS: 20 x 100ug LSD tabs$60.00New Shit’s latest “star” design, but in two strips containing 20 tabs.

FOUR STRIPS: 40 x 100ug LSD tabs$110.00As above, but 40 tabs.

TWO STRIPS: 20 x 200ug LSD tabs$110.00Double potency tabs laid with 95%+ pure LSD-25 crystal, in two strips containing 20 tabs.

FOUR STRIPS: 40 x 200ug LSD tabs$200.00As above, but 40 tabs.

NEW PRINT New Shit exclusive printed 100 x 100ug LSD tab sheet$250.00


If you live in the United States, you don’t have to meet a minimum purchase requirement. If you live in another country, you have to meet a $50 purchase requirement. In the event that you place an order, you will not be charged for delivery.

For both domestic and international shipping, shipping estimates are given.

It’s the store‚Äôs goal for the majority of domestic orders to arrive in 3-5 working days. For international orders, they try to get them there in 1-3 weeks.

Please let me know if you can help me find my tracking number.

In order to track your order, you need to choose Priority Mail as your shipping method when you place your order. Please keep in mind that if you choose Priority Mail, the expected delivery times stay the same.


BTC is the main crypto there.

However, if you send them a message on Telegram, they may accept payments in Monero instead.

Reship and refund policy

Only customers who have made at least three completed orders with the particular store will be able to get a free reshipment from them again. It’s possible for us to give you part of your money back or send you a discount coupon instead of mailing you a new order when they’re processing big orders (more than 20 tabs). They don’t give refunds except when they did something wrong (for example, if they accepted your purchase but were unable to fulfill it within an acceptable time frame).


Where does new shit. ship from and to?

From the USA worldwide, but overseas orders have a $50 minimum. We never charge postage for standard shipping.

new shit. approximate shipping times for domestic and international

We ship out several times per week, and we aim to have most orders arrive within 3-5 working days of domestic shipping, 1-3 weeks of international shipping.

Where is my tracking number?

Tracking is only available with domestic orders, and only if you added Priority Mail to your cart when ordering. Note, Priority Mail does not change our estimated delivery times.

What crypto-currencies do you accept?

Via this storefront we only accept Bitcoin, but you can pay with Monero if you message us on TMG.

What are your reship and refund policies?

In most cases we will only reship to you if you have a record of at least 3 previous completed orders with us. In cases of large orders (more than 20 tabs), we reserve the right to offer a partial reship or a discount coupon instead of a reship. We do not offer refunds except in cases where we are at fault (eg. we accepted your order but couldn’t deliver within a reasonable time).

How often should I take the microdose tabs?

Most people recommend taking them every third day, so that your body has time to reset between doses.

Do you have any safety tips?

If you are new to LSD or taking a larger dose than usual, please make sure you have a sober sitter who can support you. It is possible that you might experience anxiety or need some help processing your trip. LSD is very safe, but it can be disorienting.