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MorphToken Crypto Exchange Review

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Darknet markets are thriving communities of users who transact illegal goods and services. MorphToken is a privacy-focused crypto exchange designed to make trading on these markets more accessible and secure for the average users.

MorphToken Review
MorphToken Review

The MorphToken team has developed a unique protocol that allows for the seamless exchange of tokens between users without the need for a centralized authority. But what makes this market so unique? To help you understand more, let’s get started with MorphToken’s overview.

MorphToken Overview

Even though the site was officially established in 2017 in Panama City, MorphToken has been among the most trustworthy crypto exchanges since then. It charges users a mere 1% fee to exchange BTC for ETH coins like BTC and ETH.

Like any other popular exchange, MorphToken charges about a 0.25% fee. However, it makes most of the money by selling non-competitive exchange rates that traders will continually turn to.

Fees are still lower than other big market players, such as Changelly, for trades. This makes Morphtoken a worthy competitor if you’re in the market for trading one of the six coins they are compatible with.

Over the recent month, the FBI filed a document regarding the instant cryptocurrency exchange MorphToken, which converts Bitcoin into Monero. The report highlighted the MorphToken API, which law enforcement used to learn more about the players involved in the Apollon marketplace and the masked transactions that took place there.

MorphToken makes an anonymous cryptocurrency exchange that only accepts one currency for input and output and can be accessed by customers from their Cake Wallet.

According to FBI reports, dark-web vendors were found to transfer revenue from illegal drug sales to MorphToken. One of the intriguing aspects of this was the fact that some of those sales were similar to one another.

The FBI contended that dark-market actors weren’t merely turning to Monero to cover their tracks. Instead, they were using it to resell and conceal their activities. Nevertheless, the FBI report stresses the significance of formal KYC processes and lacks these approaches in crypto exchanges and dark-net markets.

Registration is Not Required

MorphToken is arguably one of the most user-friendly anonymous cryptocurrency platforms available on the market. You do not need to create an account to take advantage of the platform’s simple exchange interface. However, there is a slight downside to the MorphToken trading platform. Users of MorphToken are not allowed to purchase or sell bitcoin.

How Many Coins Are Listed on MorphToken?

MorphToken has support for varieties of cryptocurrencies, such as:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin Cash
  • Dash
  • Monero

What are the Transaction Fees?

The Morph Token transaction fee may vary during exchanges, but any given transaction will always have a flat rate. Currently, there are two costs on Morph Token, with both set at a flat rate.

Network fee: MorphToken incur a fixed network fee for each cryptocurrency. Currently, the fixed price for each exchange is set at 0.00065 BTC.

Keep in mind sometimes this may be more due to network congestion.

Service fee: The processing fee is between 0.5-0.7 of the formed crypto. The overall fee will be displayed after the payment is processed.

When a deposit is confirmed, Morph Token executes the intended exchange and determines the service fee.

If the exchange is within the range of only one asset, processing fees generally drop to 0.25. So, for instance, Bitcoin to bitcoin transactions will only have 0.25% of the service fees.

How Long Does it Take to Complete A Payment on MorphToken?

Morph Token utilizes a single confirmation for token swaps on a platform, making transactions extremely fast for users.

Reviews from Reddit users confirm the efficiency of Morph Token exchange. For speedy transactions, you can count on Morph Token.

Some of the Downsides of MorphToken

  • MorphToken only accepts 30 swap combination
  • US users are not allowed
  • It doesn’t have any support for Fiat Currency
  • There’s very little information about the company

However, they have a flexible and versatile set of offered services that makes them highly competent. In addition, MorphToken provides a choice of API tools and techniques, making integrating their services into any website effortless.

Is MorphToken Safe for DarkWeb?

Since it doesn’t require users to provide KYC information, MorphToken is an ideal platform for DarkWeb. However, MorphToken holds store addresses for at least three months, as registration on the platform is unnecessary.