The French Connection

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To find party drugs on the Darknet, we went to the Darknet. A friend of ours found out about the French Connection website.

If you go on the Darknet, there are a lot of drug markets that sell a lot of different things. They can, however, only be found through a service like Tor. Tor helped us get into this business. To learn more about this pharmacy, read the whole thing.

The website greets us in the way that a French person would. Most other medicine websites have a lot less navigation and tabs than this one. Products, Cart, PGP Key, Frequently Asked Questions, and Links are at the top of the page, as well as the home. People can sign up and log in on the main page of the website with this form In addition, the shop’s payment method (Bitcoin) and other changes have been made. If you go to a different page, it will show you the prices and photos of all the slots in that product line. It’s a shopping cart from which customers can buy things. You’re likely to find the answers to all of your clients’ questions in the FAQ section of the site. The Links page shows the URLs of different networks.

It sells drugs like heroin, meth, cocaine, and “Nespresso” XTC tablets at this place. There are currently 40 jobs that need to be filled. It’s easy to read more about the item by clicking on its name. When taking drugs, always be careful!

You can’t buy anything on the site until you’ve logged in. Only Bitcoin (BTC or XBT) can be used to pay for things at this dark web address. If you don’t already have one, you can buy one on the web. More than 10,000 people set up accounts at the pharmacy, which led to more than 20,000 purchases.

Only after we learned more about this pharmacy did we decide to use it themselves. I’m not sure I like this place. Because that was the first step in the process, we registered. We filled out the form and waited for an email that said we were approved. But we didn’t get it the next day. It didn’t work when we tried to go back to the website. As a result, we looked at private message boards to see what real people had to say. In the past, people had mixed feelings about The French Connection. Some people say that they bought medicines with bitcoin but never got them. Many people said they were happy with the service and the high quality of the products.

UX and Usability

The way a website looks might show how easy or difficult it is to use. The ease with which you can search for things, buy things, and use the website in general.

To get something a little more complicated, you’ll have to look for it somewhere else.

Links to the Products, Cart, and PGP Key FAQ can be found in the top-right corner of the screen.

As a side note, the “Links” link is no longer useful because most of the links there are either dead, broken, or inaccessible.

The French Connection shows a login page on the left-sidebar instead of product categories. The rest of the screen shows all the items.

Because there aren’t many products to choose from and there aren’t many ways to search, I’d give The French Connection’s UI a 4/5.

Ordering from the French Connection

Visit The French Connection after you have signed up and logged in. Choose the item you want, and add it to your shopping cart.

Click “Checkout” on the next screen to go to “Review order.” Then click “Enter shipping details (PGP encrypted).” Make a note of the Bitcoin address that was given.

“Submit Order” is on the next page. On the next page, send the exact amount of BTC to the address on the screen before. After Bitcoin has been sent, your order will be shipped.

In order to pay with Bitcoin or any other money, there is no way to do it (altcoin).

The French Connection Shipping and Refund Policy

This The French Connection review talks about the fact that they don’t give refunds. If they made a mistake. Furthermore, the error must be proven, which isn’t always possible.

For this reason, there is no way for customers to keep an eye on the products until they arrive. In this case, there is no way to get the package delivered very quickly.

There is no more than 30% reshipment for non-EU customers, and only in very rare cases do EU customers get it.

Do not need to be signed in order to be approved. They do not need to be signed. The provider won’t be able to ship to the United States.

There may be a two-day delay for European orders, but Asian products may take as long as 25 days to arrive! Everything else is in this range. This is the range.

No Refund Policy

There are no refunds unless the web store made a mistake, and then the staff will give you money back. They also don’t give you a tracking number. If their policy of not giving you a shipping confirmation doesn’t make you want to buy from the provider, look for a different store instead. People who buy things from stores agree to be bound by the terms of this policy no matter how many times they read it before they do.

It’s important to keep in mind that their delivery rate isn’t 100% of the time. A bad idea: It’s not good to spend money you can’t afford to lose.

The seller’s takeaway

It is not a darknet marketplace with a lot of different vendors. Instead, it is a European-focused company with just one employee. In spite of the fact that the shop doesn’t have as many listings as bigger markets that have a lot of different vendors, it has been around for a long time now and has shown itself to be trustworthy. In addition, there have been more than 20,000 transactions on the site.

The interface of The French Connection is simple and easy to use. Getting registered is a must, but it’s easy and it doesn’t cost you anything. The company, which specialized in the sale of drugs like heroin and cocaine, doesn’t sell anything else. Shops aren’t always to blame when things go wrong with your order. Reshipping is not impossible, but it is very unlikely.

That’s all the French Connection can do with PGP, though. Because of this, there aren’t many options.

Only Bitcoin works with The French Connection, which is at best a fake name. There are many people who use the darknet who use the Bitcoin-only concept, even though it isn’t completely anonymous. Privacy currencies like Monero (XMR) should be used by French Connection because they are more appealing to customers who are concerned about their safety.

French Connection is based in Europe and Asia because it doesn’t sell to people in the United States.