Kerberos Market

Kerberos Market
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Kerberos Marketplace is the newest market launched in February 2022 and is known for selling various illicit goods and services, including drugs, digital items, and stolen data.

Within its short period of operation, it has quickly become popular among darknet users. But what makes it different from other markets on the dark web? To know that, go through this article!

Kerberos Overview

The Kerberos Darknet Market offers an impressive selection of products at competitive prices. Several trusted vendors are available on the market, making it easy to find what you’re looking for. The site is also secure, so you can rest assured that your transactions will be safe and anonymous.

Kerberos Market URL
Number of Listings1200+
Total VendorsN/A
Total UsersN/A
Vendor Bond610$
Site WalletYes
PGPForced for Vendors
2FAForced for Vendors
FEFor Trusted Vendors Only
MultisigNo Multisig option available
Affiliate0.5% of item price
Bug Bounty ProgramYes, No amount specified
Language SupportEnglish only
Currency SupportBitcoin, Monero
Instant WithdrawsNo, up to 48 hours manual withdraws.
Date Market OpenedFeb 2022
Security IssuesNone
Support RatingAverage

Kerberos Market User-Interface

Compared to other markets, its admins state that it has entailed a considerable effort to design the user interface from scratch and further add that the market is one of its kind that operates on multi-layer encrypted servers.

Kerberos Market - interface
Kerberos Market – interface

In our opinion, Kerberos uses a dynamic interface for its market, giving it a somewhat cluttered appearance that might even be claustrophobic. Although, we found the user-interface straightforward to use and appealing to the eyes due to its night-themed design. Surprisingly, the market admins have uploaded an interview to educate the users about the marketplace’s aims.

The captchas employed by Kerberos are innovative and unique but not nearly challenging to solve. The market makes it mandatory to sign up to see the products listed on the market.


Despite being in operation for less than seven months, the market boasts about 1100+ listings in its inventory. In addition to listings, the market has managed to attract a good amount of vendors in the market.

Despite being in operation for less than seven months, the market boasts about 1100+ listings in its inventory. In addition to listings, the market has managed to attract a good amount of vendors in the market.

You can easily filter this listing by ships from/to and sort it by price, low to high. Additionally, you can filter these listings in the line format rather than the traditional block format.

You can observe the box-style listings in the main category that displays options such as:

  • price (in GBP and USD)
  • coins accepted
  • The escrow or Finalize Early
  • ship from/to

Further, the listings are divided into the following categories and subcategories:

  • Stimulants (Amphetamine, Cocaine, Crack, Other)
  • Cannabis (Buds & Flowers, Shake, Hash, Concentrates, Vaping, Synthetic, Edibles, Prerolls, Seeds, Other)
  • Ecstasy (Pills, MDMA, MDA, Methylone, Other)
  • Psychedelics (LSD, DMT, Mescaline, Mushrooms, 2C-x Series, 2C-T-x Series, 4-AcO-x Series, 4-HO-x Series, 5-MeO-x Series, Other)
  • Dissociatives (Ketamine, MXE, GHB, GBL, 3-MeO-PCP, Other)
  • Opiate (Heroin, Opium, Oxycodone, Codeine, Hydrocodone, Buprenorphine, Pills, Other)
  • Benzodiazepine (Xanax, Anti-Anxiety, Powder, RCs, Pills, Other)
  • Sexual Enhancers
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Steroids
  • Drugs & Chem (Other)
  • Fraud (CVV & Credit Cards, Accounts, Personal Information, Gift Cards, Scampages, Other)
  • Services (Carding, Registered IDs, SSN/DOB/Other, Documents – Physical, Documents – Digital, Transfers, Social Media, Hacking, Cracking, Social Engineering, Services – Physical, Services – Digital)
  • Counterfeit (Money, Jewellery, Watches, Clothes, Art, Electronics, Fake IDs, Fake Drivers Licences, Fake Documents – Physical, Fake Documents – Digital, Counterfeit Physical, Counterfeit Digital)
  • Carded Items (Electronics, Other)
  • Tutorials (Drugs, Carding, Hacking, Money, Guides, Social Engineering, Other)
  • Software & Malware (Legit, Carded, Botnet, Malware, Trojans, Crackers, Exploits/Kits, Security Software, Commercial Software, Other)
  • Hostings (Cpanels, Servers, Domains, VPN, VPS, RDPs, Socks, Other)
  • Precious Metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Other)
  • Gemstones (Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, Opals, Other)
  • Jewellery (Jewellery, Other)

Despite Kerberos featuring numerous categories and subcategories, the database of actual listings is relatively low, and some subcategories are even empty. Of the 1,200 listings, the majority of the listings are spread between the Drugs, Fraud, and Tutorials sections.

On the bright side, Kerberos is exceptionally generous with its subcategories, which makes it very easy to locate the product you’re specifically looking for.

By clicking on the title or anywhere on a specific listing, you can see its details.

Payment types accepted
Kerberos Market – products

Here we can look at data about this item, such as the vendor’s reputation rating, customer feedback, the quantity available for purchase, and shipping costs. If you click on various tabs, you’ll find shipping information, feedback on the product and vendor, and the vendor’s return policy.

It is good practice to double-check all this information before placing an order with your first vendor. It will entitle you to make an informed buying decision and know what to expect when operating with this vendor. Some vendors demand the shipping information be given in a very particular format. At the same time, some vendors will offer a wide array of shipping options.

Seeing the vendor’s feedback history is one of the most effective ways to ensure that it is not being scammed. If the history is good except for a few recent bad reviews, this may be evidence that the provider is now scamming its clients.

The most crucial consideration when working in the darknet market like Kerberos is trustworthiness. A reliable vendor with strong business practices will not hesitate to work to address their client’s concerns and make sure they’re satisfied.

Below is the list of items that are prohibited and will lead to a straight ban if the market finds out:

  • Underage adult videos, including photos, videos and even any kind of discussion on the market or forum.
  • Weapons
  • Fentanyl or any other deadly poison or any biohazard items.
  • Human trafficking, animals or any body parts
  • Contract killings or violent products or services.

Payment Methods on Kerberos Market

Kerberos supports coins such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR) for deposits. The marketplace implements the standard account wallet system, meaning that a buyer must make a qualifying deposit prior to finalising an order.

We suggest using XMR when initiating the payment process. If it’s not possible, we suggest depositing a combination of mixed coins (BTC that cannot be traced back to your spending history on the blockchain). The majority of vendors on the market accept both XMR and BTC.

Kerberos Market Logo
Kerberos Market – Darknet Market

After you initiate the payment process, the market will provide you with a QR code or the coin address for depositing the fund. Remember, this address will be only valid for 48 hours or until you deposit the coin. Once you deposit the funds, the market will provide you with a new address for other purchases.

Here are some things that you need to keep in mind before depositing your fund in the market

  • Any amount lower than $10 will be considered a donation by the Kerberos market and will not be credited to your account.
  • The amount you deposit on your wall will be visible after ten confirmations, i.e. roughly 20-30 mins.

Remember, the market of Monero (XMR) is very unstable; in that case, you need to keep an extra 5-10% of funds in your account wallet to avoid exchange rate shifts.

The market uses the standard escrow system meaning that the market will hold the funds until the buyer receives the product and later releases it to the vendor. Although the market holds the funds, there’s always a risk of an exit scam if the market goes offline. That’s why we recommend only keeping the funds that will cover the price of one product that you want to buy.

In addition to the Escrow system, Kerberos market offers Finalize Early to reputable vendors on the market. This feature allows the vendor to auto-finalize the order in case the buyer doesn’t do it.

The market adds a 2% commission to the customer’s side of the transaction.

Kerberos Market Security

According to the terms mentioned on the market, Kerberos admins claim that their market operates on multi-layer encrypted servers and reassure customers that it is slightly more secure than its rivals.

One of the more unique characteristics of Kerberos is Cataclysm Protocol, an automated process to make sure vendors, buyers, and sellers can still recover their funds if the market goes offline.

Upon login, the market asks you to set a withdrawal six-digit PIN which is extremely useful if your account gets hacked. The hacker would still be unable to withdraw the funds if they don’t have your PIN.

In addition to the PIN, the market also lets users set an Anti-phishing phrase that will pop up each time you log in to ensure that you’re on the valid mirror and not on the phished one.

The market also provides a mnemonic code that can act as a master password in case you lose your account. You can also use the 2FA by setting the PGP key.


What is the Kerberos Darknet Market?

Kerberos Market is a new darknet market that offers many various kinds of products. Aside from the traditional categories of drugs, Kerberos Market offers digital items, jewellery and gems, software application cards, counterfeit items, and a wide range of services.

How can I avoid being scammed on a Kerberos Darknet Market?

One way to avoid being scammed on the Kerberos market is to review vendor feedback. If they’re good, you can trade with them.

Is it safe to use Kerberos Darknet Market?

Yes! The market operates on multi-layer encrypted servers, making it safe to use.

Should I trust the feedback on vendors made on Kerberos Darknet Markets?

Yes, Kerberos keeps an eye on every feedback customers leave on the vendor page.

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