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Ares Market
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Ares Market is one of most populars darknet market on the deep web. It is home to over 7200 products and services. The site is well organized and easy to navigate, making it a great place to find whatever you’re looking for. Ares also has a wide range of payment options, so you can buy anything without worrying about being tracked down. But is it worth a try? To know, read this in-depth review and judge for yourself!

Ares Market Overview

Ares was founded in the second half of 2021, making it a medium-sized darknet market that the admins claimed was coded from scratch. The site design is unique and appealing to the eyes, focusing on a dark theme interface.

Ares Market URL
Number of Listings7,500+
Total Vendors160
Total Users14,000
Vendor Bond $500
PGPForced for Vendors
2FAForced for Vendors
FEFor Trusted Vendors Only
Language SupportEnglish
Currency SupportBitcoin and XMR
Instant WithdrawsNo, up to 24 hours manual withdraws.
Date Market Opened2021
Security IssuesNone
Support RatingAverage

Its inventory features over 7,200 listings, boasts 160 vendors with over 14,000 users and maintains a traditional, straightforward captcha system. Registering for the platform is easy, requiring only a minimal amount of information.


The UI at the Ares Market website isn’t new, impressive, or different than just about any place else. Which, in this case, is good. If you previously accessed the darknet market, you will discover it to be very user-friendly.

The top bar of the homepage features links to different sections of the market. You can use the search bar for the products you’re specifically looking for.

Ares Market Interface
Ares Market Interface

The product categories are listed on the left sidebar. However, its peculiarity is its all-inclusiveness. This means each product or service category and subcategories are available as a single list. You don’t have to click or find new ways to view the subcategories.

Speaking of the listing interface, it’s somewhat standard. You may also see the currency, escrow-type, and accept cryptocurrencies. However, the listing page for each product does not display data about a product’s sales, the vendor’s sales number, vendor trust level, and other similar info. You’ll have to examine each product’s listing page separately for that stats.


Ares provides a selection of over 30 different varieties of drug listings in various subcategories. Cannabis-related listings are among the most popular categories on the Ares Market.

Ares Market products
Ares Market products

Some of the products that are listed on the market are:

  • Drugs: all varieties of drugs such as Cocaine, Dissociatives, Ecstasy, Meth, Pharma, and so on.
  • Electronics: This section features devices, gadgets, etc.
  • Digital goods: E-books, software, exploits, tutorials, etc., can be found here.
  • Jewelry
  • Fraud: dumps, cards, login data, account information, etc.

Ares Market Payment Methods

Ares uses a wallet-less payment option that doesn’t make users pre-load funds in their accounts. Instead, the market uses a traditional escrow system where the funds are sent to a predetermined address, and the market holds the funds until the buyer finalizes them.

The checkout page provides an address for each order, from which you can send funds directly from an external wallet. Of course, this allows for another level of convenience and reduces the risk of market exit-scam.

Ares awards the most successful vendors the FE status. The market supports deposits in Monero and BTC, and the users are advised to configure a refund address before initiating an order. However, the Ares market suggests users use XMR as it offers more anonymity than BTC.

Ares Market Vendor Policies

Ares thoroughly evaluates potential vendors only after ensuring they have previously experienced two years or more in other markets. Besides that, they only accept vendors with a 95 percent or higher positive feedback rate and at least 500 successful orders on a different market.

Ares Market Listing
Ares Market Listing

Ares states that any vendor can join the market by paying a $500 bond. In addition, reputable vendors are also awarded a waiver. The market also charges 4% commission fees from the vendors. However, this fee tends to decrease as vendors level up.

Ares market checks each vendor’s data by comparing the database present on Recon, the darknet market search engine and this ensures the market doesn’t get filled up by shady vendors. In addition, it also assists users in successfully initiating the order when they’re completing their purchase.

In this sense, it is a market focused on buyers and boasts Featured Vendors. It also suggests the most popular things buyers buy and, more widely, the views and feedback buyers leave.

Below are some rules that vendors need to follow on the market

  • All vendors are advised to behave respectfully to everyone.
  • Any DOX will lead to a straight and permanent ban.
  • Underage adult videos are strictly not allowed and will lead to a direct ban.
  • Behaving rudely and disrespectfully with any Ares staff member will immediately terminate your account.
  • Ares will terminate your vendor account if we find you duping users.
  • Sharing your contact details on your profile will lead to a direct ban.
  • External deals are also not allowed and will lead to an immediate ban.
  • You agree to create clear and well-formatted listings.
  • You agree only to utilize original photos of your products.
  • You agree not to share your personal details through personal texts.
  • You agree not to act in a way that resembles another vendor.
  • You agree not to disseminate unsolicited messages to members’ inboxes.
  • You agree not to threaten or insult any member, including staff.

Ares Market Security Features

Ares market offers users a mnemonic code that they can use to recover their account in case the user forgets or loses access to their username or password.

The next thing that Ares offers is the 2-FA that is done through a PGP key. However, the Ares market doesn’t have any login phrases, which gives hackers an easy hand to create phishing links and easily steal users’ data.

Additionally, there’s no option to set a PIN while creating the account. This is one of the significant security concerns as this prevents any deposit and withdrawal mishaps.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use the Ares Darknet Market?

You can access Ares Darknet Market using a Tor or I2P browser and a good VPN.

Is it safe to buy and sell items on the Ares Darknet Market?

Yes, as per reviews, the market provides a safe environment to buy illicit goods and services.

Can I report any problems I experience while using or trading on the Ares Darknet market?

You can easily message all your problems directly to Ares market admins.

How many products are listed on the Ares market?

Currently, the market boasts around 7500+ listings in the market