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MGM Grand market emerged in March 2021. The reason behind its rapid success was execution. 

When other marketplaces such as Alphabay, Empire Market, and DarkMarket were struggling, the team behind this marketplace was busy seizing the day. 

I must say this marketplace is growing rapidly because there are: 

  • 98,794 buyers in total, out of which 36K are active
  • 23.1K products listed
  • 745 trusted vendors
  • 6 active staff members 

And guess what? That’s not it. There’s a lot more that you should know about MGM Grand. 

MGM Grand Market Basic Facts

Market URL Wghtttq3gkw2leaio5umqa2lqbjm4qcdhr4v5jj3ftirohx3hfp62eyd.onion
Market Forum URLn/a
Total Vendors745
Total Users100K
Vendor Bond$200
Site WalletYes
PGPForced for Vendors
FEFe (finalize early) is not permitted unless you get explicit permissions later. You’ll get banned if you ask for FE without permission.
Bug Bounty Programn/a
Language SupportEnglish
Currency SupportBitcoin (BTC)
Instant WithdrawsYes
Date Market Opened2021
Security IssuesNone
Support RatingGood 
Listing CategoriesFraud, drugs, digital goods, guides & tutorial, and miscellaneous

Interface and usability

MGM market has a sleek interface. I must say it’s well-organized, neat, and modern. Unlike other marketplaces that look like they were built around the 90s, this one looks like the domain of clear web. 

As soon as you open the MGM market link, you’ll come across this page. 

mgm grand marketplace registration

Being a new user, you have to register on the platform. So fill the form like this: 

mgm grand market tutorial
mgm grand market tutorial
mgm grand market captcha

Once you’re done filling the form, click on the ‘register’ button and you’ll get this mnemonic that you need to save somewhere, just in case you forget your password, this might help you recover it. 

mgm grand market mnemonics
mgm grand market mnemonics

That’s all you need to do. Once you’re registered, you’ll have to login with the same username & password and you’ll get to this page which is the homepage of MGM Grand market. 

The marketplace has two modes: light and dark. 

MGM Grand Market Dark Mode

mgm grand market dark mode

MGM Grand Market Light Mode

mgm grand market light mode

If you ask me, I’d say dark mode is cleaner. More importantly it doesn’t irritate my eyes. 

Featured Product Listing

Every week, MGM’s team picks the best item from their collection and they list it on their featured listing. These products are considered high-quality ones. 

mgm grand market featured listing

Products Are Well-Organized

As you can see, there are 5 different categories from which you can choose as per your interests. 

types of products mgm grand market sells

Top Vendors

These are the top vendors on the MGM marketplace. Each vendor has their own specialty. Here we have written about top vendors on MGM Market in detail, just in case you want to know what they’re selling. 

top vendors on mgm market

Cool Shops Worth Exploring

The only difference between cool shops and top vendors is ranking. All the sellers on Cool Shops are those that are most likely to become the biggest vendors of this marketplace. You can read more about these MGM Grand marketplace shops here.

best shops on mgm grand market

MGM Grand Market Features 

  • Personal wallet 
mgm grand market personal wallet
market personal wallet
  • Fast loading 
  • Utilization of PGP encryption 
  • Multiple buyers trust levels
  • Spam protection in ticket systems
  • Search results are accurate 
  • Only Bitcoin supported (there are rumors XMR might come soon) 
  • 2FA enabled 

Apart from this, I’ve also come across this announcement which is really useful for buyers: 

mgm grand market updates
mgm grand market updates

Support System

MGM Grand has a ticket based support system. If anything goes wrong, you can create a new ticket and send a message. 

is mgm grand market legit

When it comes to support, the MGM Grand’s team is quite supportive. So far they have banned around 200 vendors who were trying to scam their users. Not only this, they claim that none of their users lost money to scammers. 


MGM Market is one of the fastest growing darknet marketplaces. But as a user, it’s too early for me to trust it with my closed eyes because it’s still new in the game. I’d always keep my guard and only buy from highly-rated vendors. 

What do you think? Is MGM Grand Market legit enough for you? 

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