The Grass Company

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To tell you what they sell, the word “grass” in the company name says it all: the store sells marijuana. You can find the onion link for The Grass Company by looking to the right of this text.

As of 2018, the Grass Company darknet vendor market was only a few years old. Here is a link to the Onion of Grass Company. It used to be a cannabis-only market, but now it sells a wide range of things.

It is very important to give a market overview that emphasizes the product’s unique features and qualities. As a potential customer, you should be aware of both the good and bad things about using the interface. This will help the Grass Company store.

In the same way as any other big online store, the registration process is easy and quick. The first thing you need to do is come up with a user name, a password, and a PIN number. Make sure it isn’t the same as your password.

In the vendor store of the Grass Company, users can quickly find what they’re looking for by using a search box that is on the user interface

Users will only see things that are in their price range, meet their needs, and can be delivered to them if these things are met. The user interface is very clear about the sales and other features of suppliers.

Safely access the store

People who use the darknet should follow normal safety rules. Keep your real name out of sight. The TOR browser should only be used to browse the darknet.

Use the TOR browser and turn off JavaScript to protect your privacy and security. To make the Grass Company run more safely, you can get rid of the JavaScript code.

In order to do things on the darknet, you’ll need to have your own computer or at least a virtual machine. Do not share your darknet PGP keys with anyone else.

A dedicated system must be thought of this way: Make sure you only get the software you need to run your business and nothing else. Do not use Twitter, Reddit, or any other social network site when you aren’t at work. Always stay with what you’re used to.

Tails or Whonix should be installed on your dedicated darknet workstation in order to be even more safe. In order to keep your online activity safe, we recommend using a virtual private network (VPN) in addition to using the Tor browser. This is because TOR only protects browser sessions.

As soon as you connect to public WiFi, you should always use a virtual private network (VPN). This is because you never know if the WiFi network has been hacked. By encrypting all of your communications, no matter what kind of app they are, before they go through the access point, a VPN protects you from eavesdropping and identity theft.

The Grass Company Specialty

People who buy and sell marijuana on the darknet may not have the same security problems as people who buy and sell marijuana on the other darknet markets. However, there is still a risk of exit fraud. exit fraud may happen on other Darknet markets as well, but it’s not clear yet. The Grass Company has the power to cancel all withdrawals, effectively taking all of the bitcoin that people own. It’s near the top of the list of the best vendor shops for security, professionalism, user friendliness and user-importance. The Grass Company is also near the top. In order to see a darknet vendor’s website, use a reliable connection, like the onion link in the upper right corner for The Grass Company.

A one-stop store for all your cannabis and hashish requirements. Please come and join us. People have been getting drugs from this company for a long time. A staff that puts the needs of its customers first. They only sell hash and weed. Made with their best and most unique strains of cannabis. Make sure you have at least 10 different kinds of food around. Mostly. The store has built up a good reputation for being secretive and trustworthy. It’s against the law to talk about how the professionals keep their private lives private. It is, however, still very beautiful.

The Shipment

Everything they sell comes from the Netherlands, and they send it to you there. After you buy something, it will be sent to you right away in the least noticeable way possible, and it will arrive on time.

If you order from the store from outside of Australia and the United States, you won’t have to pay for shipping.

The only orders that can be tracked are those that weigh at least 20 grams.

It is very important that you let them know right away if your order is stolen, taken away from you, or doesn’t reach your door.

One time, the store will send or refund 50% of the extra cost that you paid.

To send goods to the European Union, there is no extra charge. That’s right, you heard it right. TheGrassCompany pays for all shipping costs for packages that go to Europe.

Besides that, every order made by a person or a business will be tracked for Free!

For 6 euros, you can send envelopes by mail. They can only be 19 grams in weight, and they can’t be too big.

They don’t charge shipping fees if you buy 20 grams or more of a certain thing.

A fair and honest price is what TheGrassCompany charges for all lines.

Hash and Amnesia Haze are two strains that are more expensive than the less expensive Northern Lights.

They now only accept Bitcoin as a payment method, but soon they will also accept Monero.

TheGrassCompany has started a new service that lets people in Europe get their items without having to pay for shipping.

To make things easier, reshipping and refund processes are available.

Half of the extra order will be sent back to the person who bought it, or the person will get money back in another way.

There must be a way to pack any weight over 19 grams. Any weight over 19 grams must be sent by mail.

All of their packages come with free information about how to track them.


Starting at merely 9 Euros per gram, the strains may cost up to 6000 Euros for a kilogram.

The following is a breakdown of the item’s pricing:

  • 1 Gram = 9 Euro
  • 2.5 Gram = 22 Euro
  • 5 Gram = 44 Euro
  • 10 Gram = 85 Euro
  • 25 Gram = 200 Euro
  • 50 Gram = 380 Euro
  • 100 Gram = 750 Euro
  • 250 Gram = 1800 Euro
  • 500 Gram = 3250 Euro
  • 1000 Gram = 6000 Euro